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Single Man’s Perspective on Finding Mrs. Right 2013 (series)

What are men in their late twenties thinking when looking for Mrs. Right?  Is age 27 too soon to settle down, or the perfect time to transition?

Age:        27

Career:  Educator

Lifestyle:  Simple, family oriented, from a small town, relocated to Atlanta

Hobbies:  Fitness, music, sports, & learning about history

Q:  Are you looking for a wife?

A:  Yes, but I am not forcing the issue.

Q:  What are the top 5 things that come to mind when dating?

A: Does she have goals, is she loyal through the good and bad times (especially financial.)  How many kids does she have, is she willing to compromise for US.  Can we be both friends & lovers during the relationship.

Q: When you get out of a relationship, how long of a break do you usually take before entering a new relationship?

A:  No certain amount of time, if the right opportunity presents itself to date I go for it!

Q:  What qualities do you look for in a woman, do you look for similarities or what you may have in common?  Is her career important?  how do you feel about women approaching you, or asking you out?

A:  Natural beauty ( a little makeup is ok), a great personality(what kind personality), ambition, someone who listens, but  also gives me honest advice to balance me out.

Q:  What are your turnoffs?

A:  A lazy woman, a smoker, too much makeup, someone who constantly nags, and a woman who always has to be the center of attention.

Q:  How many children do you have:

A:  1 child, a daughter.

Q:  How does the woman your dating come into play with your parental duties?

A:  I usually try to plan around so the woman is happy, but my daughter comes first at all times.

Q:  Do you date women with children, if so, what is your limit?

A:  2 kids are the limit.

Q:  What challenges would you like to see better approached when dating a woman with children?

A:  Communication is the key to a more successful relationship.

Q:  Any heart felt advice to women out there?

A:  Don’t let your past relationship affect your new one, all men are not the same.


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