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Recently I attended the  at GTRI Conference Center in Atlanta 2013.   Awesome experience, very productive, and gtri_1400informative. Organized by highly qualified professionals whom were more than forth coming with secrets of mastering sales & marketing. Most importantly, understanding, isolating, & using your energies solely toward your target market

Here are some of  the most important topics & tips that were expanded on:

Blanket marketing will produce minimal results.. find a source of delivery that speaks directly to your target market…

People love to buy, but know one likes to be sold to… In-person meetings, assess your clients personality (introvert/extrovert, optimist/pessimist, etc..)  meet them at their level, the same style of delivery doesn’t work for everyone…

3-2-1- Campaign: There are 3 stages to buying.  Stage 1, People who don’t know they have a problem. Stage 2, People who know they have a problem. Stage 3, Buying stage.  Generally, no one goes from finding out about your product one day & buying it the next.  Everyone has a research threshold that they cover before making a purchase.

Once you get your first yes, the next yes is EASY…

Have an ultimate goal for your business, project or campaign & stick to it. Don’t change it! Everything you do should be built around that..

From a Sales Perspective:  It doesn’t matter how you perceive yourself, it matters how your potential client perceives you, because it’s their reality that matters… (basically you want your product or service to be a part of their world).  Presentation is important!



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