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Single Man’s Perspective on Dating Women “2012” (Series)

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Men in their Thirties, what are they thinking when it comes to finding a woman to commit to or a wife?  I was curious on the answer to this question because dating or entering into a committed relationship has become more complex with age.  So this series is built around  interviews from men in the following age groups 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, & 50’s. Their honest perspective. Most of our stories are  anonymous. It gives our storytellers total comfort in being honest & holding nothing back.

Candidate 1

Stats:   34 year old / Entreprenuer, No kids,

Passionate about: God, family, friends, & clients

Hobbies:  Artist at heart ( music, writing, fashion, nature)

Top 5 Things that come to mind when I start dating a woman:

1. Does she have class?

2. Career?

3. How many kids?

4.Does she demand things her way?

5. Is she Clingy?

(Q) Your single right now, so are you looking for a wife or just having fun:

(A) I am actually looking for a woman to settle down with, have kids (1 or 2), & build a future.

(Q) What qualities do you like in a woman?

(A) I like a woman who is naturally beautiful. Meaning personality and looks, v.s. looks first and personality second.  There are alot of fine women out here to choose from, but some are pompous rude, and too stuck up to approach. I like a hard working woman that is sexy and super feminine. Nice curves, lips, smile, & hair are my turn on’s. She has to have a spiritual life.

(Q) What are your turn off’s in a woman?

(A) A woman that smokes, runs the streets & curses alot. A woman that keeps herself up, but her kids are always looking dusty.

(Q)  How long do you take between relationships?

(A) I take as long as I need between relationships, I usually go off of vibe and what I feel I need at the time. I’m a pretty much shake it off and move on to the next type of guy.

(Q) Is there a limit on how many kids she can have?

(A) I am open to the step-father role. I try not to get serious with a woman with more than 2 kids, it’s just too many personalities to juggle.

(Q) What is one of the most frustrating issues with women?

(A) Some women don’t know how to react to a man treating them well. I have been both good & bad to women, but when I meet one I really like I am good to her. Thats how I roll.

(Q) Any final advice for single women looking for someone to settle down with?

(A) My advice is simple … they need to know that all men aren’t out to hurt you. We have feelings & love just like woman do, we just dont express it as much. Woman should loosen up & let a man in a lil more.  Staying guarded too long  will sometime make a man become guarded. So by the time  she let her guard down we are almost at a point where we wanna give up . Also, woman need to let a man know verbally & make him  feel appreciated for his efforts .  One last thing, woman should show interest just as a man shows it. Can’t always be one SIDED.

Well ladies, this is the first addition to “A Single Man’s Perspective on Dating Women in 2012”. Lots more to come, please comment on anything written, or any followup questions you may be curious about. Your comments are posted anonymously, we have update this feature.


3 comments on “Single Man’s Perspective on Dating Women “2012” (Series)

  1. Melissa
    December 17, 2012

    I am guilty of being guarded up until a certain point in my relationships. How do you learn to trust earlier on in your relationship?

  2. Anonymous
    January 6, 2013

    Refreshing perspective. I appreciate his openness. Ladies, there are good men out there.

  3. Muslim.Bachelorette
    September 5, 2013

    Some very interesting and insightful comments – thank you!

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